Be that guy, Stevie… be that guy

It would be awkward for me to eat Buttcake.

Oh, how wondrous it could be!

When Chad Johnson was still Chad Johnson — not the guy selling haircuts for only TEN BUCKS — he did a masterful job selling me the Cincinnati Bengals. Whether it was a checklist of defensive backs he was due to roast like a Christmas goose (people eat Christmas goose?!?) or a media day teaser on his next celebration, I was glued to the pre-Twitter Ochocinco.

There are plenty of people I respect who lambasted then-Johnson for his unwillingness to just hand the ball to the referee and I respect those people. I understand both sides of the coin. There have been times I’ve scored a goal and skated back to the bench emotionlessly on the surface but there have been other times I’ve shot my glove out of the air with my “rifle.” It depends on the time and the place, I suppose, and it also makes you look fairly silly when you drop the would-be game-winning touchdown against the best franchise in football… and then have to back away from blaming someone very holy. It comes with the territory and Stevie is accepting that: Awesome sauce.

So, I imagine seeing Stevie Johnson responding to a Tweet about the home opener and his potential TD celebration by saying “Pray I score bkuz I have something NICE for KC” will strike people in a few different fashions. For me, I love that this guy is on my team (provided his desired celebration isn’t some slight against Native Americans).

The 2011 Bills don’t have the appearance of a title team, but I’m rooting for them to top that. Unlike the Dick Jauron-era, this isn’t going to be a milquetoast group of guys taking it one boring game at a time. Joining Johnson are a man who — placing perceptibly abhorrent off-field stories aside for a moment — has a light switch tattooed on his forearm and a 399-pound defensive tackle who could beat the majority of us in a race. They also have a starting quarterback who is proud to grow a hobo beard. God bless Fitzmagic.

This team is not going to bore us. This team has color. This is a team I’d love to get behind.


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