ALBUM REVIEW: Brief Balladry For A Broad Street Bully

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There’s a new entry amongst the art aiming to be athletic in addition to aesthetic, and it’s found on John K. Samson’s “Provincial.” The frontman of Canadian post-punk heroes the Weakerthans proffers ““, whose lyrics are culled from or carved into a petition for Reggie Leach to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Sociological and emotional connections aside, the song and its predecessor on the album “Longitudinal Centre” are together nice little introductions into what’s so good about Samson (and the Weakerthanks for that matter) and his record. Unlike many songwriters, Samson has the ability to successfully spin his yarns through faster and slower-paced songs.

What makes “Provincial” work for me is Samson’s intellectually-satisfying poetry disguised as song lyrics. Yeah, Samson’s voice isn’t going to come close to pleasing for a large number of people, but those that found joy in Elliott Smith can bathe in the melodies of the softer tunes while those who need that rock and roll kick can dance with quicker, harder rides that every now and then touch their heaviest country-mates, The Tragically Hip.

The softer and the harder, below…

Samson will be performing at The Town Ballroom in March. I’m hoping to be there.


2 Responses to ALBUM REVIEW: Brief Balladry For A Broad Street Bully

  1. Michael Flatt says:

    Loving this second track, and the video.

  2. Nick says:

    How good are the opening lyrics?!? “This Spring made Winter an insulting opening offer now the passing lane is getting harder to negotiate, thawing out and icing up again.”