A Holiday request for Roger Goodell from Buffalo

Dear Roger Goodell,

Greetings from a fellow Western New Yorker and congratulations on the continued success of the National Football League.

I had a thought this morning as I pulled on my still-wet jeans for work (I didn’t know they were still wet, Mr. Goodell), the jeans that represented “Layer Two” in the complicated system I have for staying warm in December at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Despite this unfortunate moment for my still-sleep-stunned lower half, that thought was, “Man, Sunday was fun.” Yes, slowly absorbing sheet after sheet of cold rain while standing around in 30-degree weather made me want to do it again only colder in two weeks… against the Patriots.

This is the thing, Commish: I’d love to drop some dollars on the Bills’ home finale, but there are a few problems. Well, they aren’t problems, they are priorities. See, I’m a family guy with a great wife, a handsome newborn and a limited budget. Additionally, Dec. 26 is a pretty massive day for families. Lots of folks have big day after Christmas plans, and lots of folks want to watch their favorite football team.

Here’s where you come in: Please universally lift the local blackouts for Christmas weekend.

There’s no question your league is popular. This couldn’t be perceived as a sign of weakness. The only sign of weakness is this silly notion between your players and owners regarding whether or not they should play football for a ton of money next year.

I went online at NFL.com and tried to buy 10 tickets together for the Dec. 26 game. I found them for almost every game, averaging about $150.00 a ticket. I bet there are a lot of fans sitting on the fence, hoping others buy the tickets so they don’t have to dish out the dough for duckets.

So if it really has anything to do with the fans, give us a break. Supporting a beloved football team shouldn’t be work for fans. We know you get this idea. Why else would you be cool enough to essentially admit that every fan hates paying for preseason football?

So tell the fans from Denver to Foxboro that you’re about them. Other sides might be out for only the bottom line, but you’re only 99.999999 percent out for the bottom line (after all, this is America and you’re a businessman).

After all, I’m asking to give you and your television advertisers three hours of my time to watch the New England Patriots likely batter my Buffalo Bills.



Nick Mendola

P.S. I have a radio show on nights from 7-10 p.m. EST if you want to announce the blackout lifting one of these nights. It would really be cool for my station, WECK 1230 AM.

7 Responses to A Holiday request for Roger Goodell from Buffalo

  1. Hey Nick,

    This isn’t spam, but I’ve used this site for blackouts the last few years. Maybe it’ll work for you as well: http://www.atdhe.net

    I understand it’s not television, or perfect clarity, but it’ll allow you to watch the blackout games. Hope you enjoy!

  2. Dear Nick,
    No. The world revolves around me and my league. We will not give in to anyone. I suppose after I do this you will want to request that I stop playing the “Drew Brees jersey – personality” commercial for NFL shop. Well I will not do that either. Then if I were to do that I suppose you’d want me to enforce rules evenly for all quaterbacks not named Brady or Manning. Ha! You amuse me Mr. Mendola. So enjoy the blackouts while I continue to rule the universe!
    The Rog

    P.S. I love your show.
    /needs more Dirk

  3. Dear Roger,

    At least give poor WNY fans another AFC game at 1pm so they can see what good football looks like. Maybe they’ll can it about wanting to cheer bad players.

    Nick’s annoying draft nerd listener.

    P.S. You should be a doctor with that signature. It looks like half of Gwen Ifill.

  4. Dear Nick,

    We cater to the rich, passionate corporate fans. If you cannot afford an NFL game, may I suggest a nice hockey game instead?


    PS…why can’t you just sit in the WECK luxury suite?

  5. There is a Christmas game every year. 16 of ’em. There’s more than a few Thanksgiving games too. I lost count of ’em.

    Even if you believe it’s not a “sign of weakness” to the fans regarding the viability of the league, it would possibly reduce the demand for these “holiday” games over the course of a few years. That is, if we truly believe in the effect of the blackout rule in general, that it helps to ensure demand for live tickets.

    Believe in the rule… believe that waiving it on the basis of holidays will diminish it’s effect, regardless if either or both be true.