2013 Bills Rap, Wk2 vs Carolina

I sure do love the Buffalo Bills, but writing clever couplets about the CAROLINA PANTHERS and the Bills was a true challenge.


9 Responses to 2013 Bills Rap, Wk2 vs Carolina

  1. The Snake says:

    You would have your own website. Keep em comming. LETS GO BILLS!!!

  2. Bill Hendrix says:

    Let’s go Buffalo!!!

    Watching the Pats/Jets last nite
    proves the Bills are better than
    the rest of the AFC East.

  3. Johnny Delicious says:


  4. […] Carolina is a team the Bills don’t regularly face and could be a tuff game. The Bills played pretty well week 1 and we’ll all be watching. Nick has incorporated some different things this week and talks about some old faces with the Panther’s organization. You can hear it here as I have the link. […]

  5. Brian Abramowski says:

    Good job Nick.Lets Go Bills!

  6. Dan Rust says:

    I play the Bills Rap every week at the Delilah’s (Bills Bar) in Chicago. Keep em coming buddy, crowd loves it.

  7. Joe smith says:

    Hey nick you are a dork and your raps are gay