Hello, new friends

Hello, new friends

Ladies and gents,

Some current projects are bringing a bunch of new eyes here, so here’s a quick primer on what I’m all about:

- I go a little dormant on this site (meaning close to totally absent) outside of Buffalo professional sports and club soccer season, which is to say summers at the Mendola residence are rather heavy on book/writing projects, FC Buffalo (our club in the National Premier Soccer League with rising professional ambitions), and – God willing – travel.

- During the Fall and Winter months, I’m focused on international club soccer, the NHL and the Buffalo Bills, with a lot of tomfoolery on those topics. I also love my alma mater, the University at Buffalo, especially the soccer program. Lance Leipold’s probably going to to do some big things for the American football program, too.

- If you want more soccer writing, I post often as a staff writer for NBC Sports’ ProSoccerTalk. Here’s my archive. It’s a high-volume, quick-turnaround site. Fun.

- My dream golf foursome is Norm MacDonald, Bill Murray and Gerald Smith or my dad, depending on who’s available.

2015 Let’s Go Bills Rap, Preseason

Unsure what the appetite is for these jams anymore, but it just arrived in my inbox for the start of preseason. Follow @NicholasMendola… Continue Reading

On Bobby Hurley: You probably wouldn’t stay, either

On Bobby Hurley: You probably wouldn’t stay, either

Oddly enough, I wore my UB “March Madness” tee shirt today for the first time since game day in Columbus, when my wife and I headed to Ohio to watch our beloved alma mater take on West Virginia in the NCAA tourney (We brought our kid and stopped at Grandpa’s Cheesebarn, UB got off to… Continue Reading

Darkness on the Edge of Tank

Darkness on the Edge of Tank

That, my friends, was weird. It’s also the word Coyotes’ defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson used to describe a large number of Sabres fans cheering Arizona goals. Others’ choice of adjectives ranged from awesome to pathetic, and I have to say it’s a little of both. I wrote earlier this year that I thought it’d be very… Continue Reading

Remembering Montador

Remembering Montador

I’m torn up right now. Not at the loss of a friend, but at the loss of a role model. An everyday, human being sort of role model. That’s the type of guy Steve Montador was, at least in the public eye. Worked his butt off. Supported his teammates. Always accountable to those like me… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: Buffalo Bills 17, New England Patriots 9

I really wanted to write a lengthy diatribe on the end of the Bills season, and how Buffalo showed us what could’ve been, blahblahblahBillsyblah. But this game didn’t deserve it. This offense didn’t deserve it. This defense deserves a ton of credit, but whatever. I’m just letting you know that if you’re looking for IR’s… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: Oakland Raiders 26, Buffalo Bills 24

Look, I don’t have a ton to say here. I’m all tapped out. Watching this “offensive” head coach, his quarterbacks and several offensive linemen completely waste an incredible season of defensive football has me devoid of emotion. Cold, numb, callous: pick a word to describe what nearly a decade and a half of futility has… Continue Reading

2014 Let’s Go Bills Rap, Wk 16 vs. Oakland Raiders

  Been fighting throat issues for the past couple months, but gave it the ol’ college try for this final postseason push. Sorry for any tailgating inconvenience.  Follow @NicholasMendola… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: Buffalo Bills 21, Green Bay Packers 13

ALLLLLL THE FIELD GOALS This was my lead for paragraph for most of the game: “Perhaps the next time your favorite football team brings an average-at-best quarterback out of retirement with a legit chance that he could end up starting for your football team, you’ll consider taking up another hobby for a few months.” Fortunately… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: Denver Broncos 24, Buffalo Bills 17

Kyle Orton against the Jets — 34/59, 468 yds, 6 TD, 0 INT, 5 times sacked Kyle Orton against everyone else — terrible But really Orton against everyone else – 191/299, 1887 yds, 8 TD, 7 INT, 21 times sacked This isn’t being dramatic: With the exception of two games, the Bills starting quarterback has not… Continue Reading