2014 Let’s Go Bills Rap, Week 8 vs. New York Jets



Immediate Reactions: Buffalo Bills 17, Minnesota Vikings 16

Sorry for the delay. Was sucked into the locker room before I could finish the winning column! Sunday was supposed to be an easy day for fans of the Buffalo Bills, comparatively speaking. They had favorable matches all over the field and a visiting Vikings team that has had anything but a milquetoast, consistent season… Continue Reading

2014 Let’s Go Bills Rap, Week 7 vs. Minnesota Vikings

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Immediate Reactions: New England Patriots 37, Buffalo Bills 22

You can’t say you watched the Bills and Patriots on Sunday and felt that New England was a vastly superior team. Sure, they have the better coach and quarterback, but were there really loads of valid reasons the Bills couldn’t have won the game? And I’ll give the Kyle Orton supporters a lot more love… Continue Reading

Bills rap quandary: Fill-in editions

Ladies and gents, Recording problems all week at the poor house of hip-hop, so please accept these fill-in versions. Hope you can have fun with the initial Pegula takeover version and the last four Patriots raps. Terry Pegula takeover Bills rap Week 1, 2013 vs Pats Week 10, 2012 vs Pats Week 12, 2011 vs… Continue Reading

Congrats, kid. You made it.

Congrats, kid. You made it.

When I was five, my “cool” Uncle Larry chose my sister and me to be the flower girl and ring bearer for his wedding to my soon-to-be Aunt Kim. I can remember vividly trying to steal a beer from the engagement party and trying to impress the bridesmaids. I know, weird kid. Anyway, one of… Continue Reading

2014/15 NHL Predictions

Quick picks… Eastern 1. Tampa Bay 2. Montreal 3. Boston 4. Detroit* 5. Florida 6. Ottawa 7. Toronto 8. Buffalo Metropolitan 1. Pittsburgh 2. Washington 3. NY Rangers 4. Philadelphia* 5. NY Islanders 6. Columbus 7. New Jersey 8. Carolina Central 1. Chicago 2. Minnesota 3. Dallas 4. St. Louis* 5. Colorado 6. Winnipeg 7…. Continue Reading

I can’t wrap my head around “embracing the tank”

I can’t wrap my head around “embracing the tank”

This isn’t exactly piping fresh from the hot takery, but I have to get this quick take out there: I cannot embrace the tank. I really can’t. I don’t fathom how I will celebrate goals against the Sabres. I can understand that it’s going to make stomaching losses a lot easier, but the amount of… Continue Reading

Immediate Reactions: Buffalo Bills 17, Detroit Lions 14

Dan. Effing. Carpenter. Well, here’s your hope: It took Kyle Orton three-plus quarters to shake the quasi-retirement rust off, Fred Jackson’s injury is far less serious than it appeared and the Buffalo Bills will compete to win every game that doesn’t involve an elite quarterback. That would mean that out of the remaining games, only… Continue Reading

2014 Let’s Go Bills Rap, Week 5 vs. Detroit Lions

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