Immediate Reactions: Oakland Raiders 26, Buffalo Bills 24

Look, I don’t have a ton to say here. I’m all tapped out. Watching this “offensive” head coach, his quarterbacks and several offensive linemen completely waste an incredible season of defensive football has me devoid of emotion.

Cold, numb, callous: pick a word to describe what nearly a decade and a half of futility has done to us, but the Buffalo Bills have blown their slim odds at a playoff spot by losing to the formerly 2-12 Oakland Raiders.

My goodness. 15 years. Call the Pope. Tell him he doesn’t have to consider Doug’s case for canonization yet.

– At least in terms of what we expected from Nathaniel Hackett’s offense before the season began, the Raiders out-Billsed the Bills.

Essentially, Derek Carr took some shots and trusted his receivers, and Oakland leaned heavily on its talented running backs and defense in eliminating Buffalo from the playoffs again.

– Chris-Matt-Phillip Simms II was talking about Kyle Orton’s first read a lot, but I’m assuming this is his first read:


(I don’t mean that he is a “dummy”, rather this is the witty-titled book he’s chosen over looking downfield).

The sheer number of passes that are quickly thrown were just as predictable to the opposition as they are to fans and analysts. And in time Orton started missing those as well. Don’t point to the touchdown passes today. Don’t let your hopes betray you. Kyle Orton should not be back next year just because he “knows the system.” The vast majority of veteran quarterbacks in the NFL could’ve done what he did, and they would not be coming out of retirement to do it.

– I’d love to see CJ Spiller back in Buffalo, but someone’s going to give him a reputation contract and if Doug Whaley did that based on watching football this season it would be a head scratcher.

The big question: Four years from now, how bummed will we be that Jameis “King Crab” Winston dropped into the second round and into Orchard Park?

The bigger question: Will Doug Marrone get to keep his job?

Three stars…

1. Sammy Watkins
2. Mario Williams
3. Fred Jackson

Three things that troubled me…

1. Marrone
2. Orton
3. Hackett

Game ball(s)…

Khalil Mack.

– Those of us around UB football for any of the four years he played told you this kid was the truth.



Next week…

To New England, where the Buffalo Bills will most certainly defy convention to pick up their first win at Gillette Stadium. I’m saying Buffalo wins, 50-4 on two mercy safeties.


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